The Fountain of Youth, February 27th

Well it is Spring time again, and we are back to start handicapping a selection of races for Saturdays this year.  Each week from now until April 16th I will be trying to get online and provide some input about 6 of the graded stakes races each weekend.  I’ll try and give you some input on what I think the top 3 horses are and why.  Incidentally, these 6 races each weekend will be featured in the Pick 6 Challenge, the fantasy horse racing game where you can see if you are better at picking the winners than I am.  You will get 15 picks to try and select all 6 winners of 6 stakes races each weekend.  How will you do?

So let’s get started!

Race 1: The Gulfstream Park Sprint

  1. X Y Jet – knows the track, coming off 4 straight wins, seems to be in good form, hot jockey / trainer, fast speed, should be the horse to beat.
  2. Candip – working out well, comes of a win at Gulfstream, high speed last race, hope it carries over, trainer knows the track
  3. Ready for Rye – hoping to regain form before the Breeder’s Cup, has won before at Gulfstream, great jockey, hope he can get the best out of this horse
  4. Just Missed – Grand Bili with Johnny V has done well at GP, Trouble Kid working bullets but never won at GP

Race 2: The Davona Dale

  1. Lewis Bay – great jockey, graded stakes experience, 2 wins and a second, won at over a mile last time out, I give her the edge over Cathryn Sophia because of the distance
  2. Cathryn Sophia – great jockey, graded stakes experience, fast speed, 3 / 3 wins, should be a great showdown with Lewis bay
  3. Dearest – 2/2 wins, good speed, good jockey / trainer, good workouts, win at track.
  4. Just Missed – keep an eye on Thrilled, the Johnny V / Pletcher combo hasn’t produced results, but is working bullets, will draw a lot of money, has gone long distance, might not make any money if she wins…

Race 3: Herecomesthebride Stakes

  1. Lira – 3 starts, 3 wins, Castellano / Pletcher combo, nice workouts, won at this track, concern about length of race
  2. Catch a Glimpse – also won last 3, last 2 races 1 mile, talented jockey, good trainer, should be interesting matchup, hasn’t raced at the track, but more experience at distance over Lira, good workouts
  3. Hold Harmless – Johnny V and McGaughey, won at distance at Gulfstream, bullet workout, let’s see what she can do

Race 4: Canadian Turf Sprint

  1. Heart to Heart – winner of last 2, including 1 at Gulfstream, can go the distance, Leparoux on the turf, decent workouts, good speed
  2. Long On Value – fast horse, can go the distance, decent workouts, has won before at GP, lots of graded stakes experience
  3. Avanzare – some good speed figs, won almost half of all races entered, has won at distance, graded stakes experience
  4. Just Missed – Notacatbutallama, I think Pletcher has been eyeing this race, won last time out at GP, I think they were trying to get experience at the track, Pletcher / Johnny V combo, has won at distance

Race 5: Palm Beach Stakes

  1. Azar – Johnny V and Pletcher, who has probably been eyeing this race since last months Kittens Joy, gone the distance 3 times, should do well
  2. J R’s Holiday -knows this track, knows this distance, beat the field in Kitten’s Joy, jockey knows horse, should do well
  3. Converge – Chad Brown and Castellano is a good combo, fast horse, hasn’t gone distance though, but first and second in only 2 starts, let’s see what he can do
  4. Just Missed – Ousby, jockey trainer know track, winner at distance, 3 2-1-0 at track, some good workouts, the local favorite?

Race 6: The Fountain of Youth

  1. Mohaymen – undefeated in 4, won at this track last time out at distance, good jockey trainer combo at track, lots to like here
  2. Awesome Speed – working out good, winner of last 3, won at this track, has not gone distance, but has gone a mile
  3. Zulu – your obligatory Johnny V / Pletcher entry, has not gone over 7f, working out well, undefeated in only 2 starts, will be interesting to see what he does at distance

So there you have it, head on over to the Pick 6 Challenge to try your luck at beating Cornelio, and have a great weekend everyone!

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