Cornelio Garcia, born of the Bombs Away Handicapping Challenge made his debut appearance July 21st, 2012. A traveling monument to the Sport of Kings, Cornelio Garcia received his Nom de Guerre as it was determined he bared a unique resemblance to jockeys Cornelio Velazquez and Alan Garcia. Cornelio Garcia travels each year to the Bombs Away Handicapping Challenge winner. Where will Cornelio end up next?

During racing season, Cornelio will attempt to handicap six stakes races each weekend, providing his guidance, and thoughts on who he likes to win, and why.  Cornelio is also the administrator of the Pick 6 Challenge, a fun, free to play horse racing fantasy game.  The Pick 6 Challenge is a fantasy horse racing game where each week you attempt to pick the winners of 6 horse races.  You have a maximum of 15 picks to spread across those 6 races. Try and use the fewest picks and pick the long shots to try and earn the most money.  There are trophies awarded for in game feats.  You can start playing at any time, follow the Pick 6 Challenge link.

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